Meet My 1st Distributor

When I opt’d to become a distributor for Herbalife I didn’t actually think I would be signing up other distributors. It’s awesome that I get to share my passion with people and it is fueling them to thrive for a healthier lifestyle and they want to share it too.

Meet Amarie she started Herbalife beginning of December and is now also a distributor. Her journey this far is amazing.


To follow her road to fitness and learn more about her check out her blog at
and Welcome to the Herbalife team !!

Stay Fit & Fabulous,


A Day in the Herbalife


I am relaxing here with my husband and daughter watching Sunday football and figured what a great time to get a blog post in. I like the app on iPhone but there are some changes that could be made to make it better. That’s another post, another time.

Woke up feeling hungry this morning (7:30ish) had my shake and 1/2 a 16oz bottle of my Herbal Raspberry tea while I made my daughter breakfast. Hubby slept in which was good because by the time I fix him breakfast it’s time for my mid morning snack shown below. 1 slice of the Healthy Multi-Grain sandwich thin with sliced avocado, pieces of last nights Cajun salmon and an egg. Super tasty, healthy, and packed with protein and GOOD fats! Yes, there are good fats😊




I got super busy doing things around the house that I forgot to have my shake around noon. So at 2p I ended up with a Orange Cream shake with Prolessa Duo added and a yummy tuna salad with sliced avocado. That combo had me stuffed!!



Dinner didn’t quite turn out what I wanted it to be but we improvised. Clam and Spinach tomato based whole wheat pasta. I used canned chopped clams, garlic, onion, green pepper and red pepper. My eating is done for the day after this, and tomorrow I have opt’d to go into the gym instead of at home work out.


Stay fit and fabulous,

Do the Prolessa Duo

Day 2 down .. Saturday is rest day so I didn’t work out today, and I don’t work out tomorrow. I will start fresh Monday with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred level 2 (level 1 was completed throughout December). This month I have more ability to keep you up to date on food, recipes, workouts and products.

Today I had a baby shower to attend around lunch hour. Rewind, breakfast I had my Raspberry Herbal Tea of course and the Formula 1 Dulche de Leche shake with the added prolessa duo. First, let me say, Dulche de Leche is DELICIOUS !! I keep trying different flavors and they are all so yummy. I started out with Mint Chocolate Chip thinking it was the best but WOW Pralines and Cream, Orange Cream, Dulche de Leche 😍, Cookies and Cream are all so amazingly delicious and nutritious !! Pralines & Dulche are neck and neck for number 1 on my list.

Ok….back to the subject at hand day 2. I got off track for a moment there. First mini meal was half a banana, second mini meal was a piece of Garlic Herb Cod & 2 large celery sticks sliced into 1/4 with light almond butter & raisins. I wasn’t hungry before I left for the baby shower, and chose not to be bothered with bringing my on the go mixer etc. Mostly finger foods were served and food was available later in the event about 1:30ish (started at 12p). I had a small plate 1 small tuna croissant (approx 2-2.5inches) 4 pieces of fruit (2 pineapple cubes, 2 melons) what appeared to be about 1/3c of Mac n cheese & 2 deviled eggs (which I had a third because it was so good).
By this time I was on my forth bottle of water. So just enough food for me; I was full. The decor was super cute for the Mini Cooper themed baby shower. I perfectly placed this plate for you guys. I should add I didn’t eat the cotton candy champagne was poured into that to make a beverage for toasting.


I did not have an afternoon mini meal and had dinner around 6:30p EST. My dinner is featured below also included a salad as well. Dressing was 1 tbsp of balsamic. Lots of veggies and proteins to further results.


Game Plan for Weight Management

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With the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, we have a tendency to skip meals, eat between meals or overeat as we go from one store to another and then one party to another, after it is all done.  Helen Bond, a dietitian says we “take in an extra 500 calories a day over Christmas.”

The holidays are festive times where we strive to make food look and taste as appetizing as possible, to the extent where we try to offer everyone’s favorite treat.  Everything is nicely decorated and there is an abundance of sweet and fatty foods which entice us to eat more and more.  For this reason, if we want to avoid gaining too much weight, we need to have a strategy and be more aware of how we are tempted to eat a copious amount of food which is damaging to our health.

If by chance we…

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